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Siomay saus Kacang


1 pound ground chicken

1 pound fish cake

1 pound tapioca starch

1 egg

1 tsp crushed garlic

salt and white pepper to taste

4 square tofu, cut to 2x1 inches

3 hard boil eggs, halved

3 potatoes, halved

5-6 cabbage leaves, pick a large one and dip in hot water to soften.

Peanut Sauce

100 gr fried peanuts

4 candle nuts Kemiri, Naga Candle Nuts

50 ml coconut milk KARA santan cair Murni

1 tablespoon of rice vinegar

big red pepper

3 tbs crushed palm sugar Gula Jawa, Arenga Candy,

80-100 ml water


Stir all ingredients in a bowl and mix well for about 10 min.

When the filling is ready, make a hole in the middle of tofu. Sprinkle with a bit of tapioca starch and fill it with filling.

Put a tablespoon of filling an inch of the side of the cabbage leaves. Then take the side of the cabbage leaves over the filling and the other 2 sides on left and right and start rolling.

Put about a tablespoon of filling on top of the flat side of the egg and potatoes.

For the left over fillings, drop about a tablespoon on top of the banana leaves (or steamer paper)

Arrage everything in a steamer and cook for about 40 minutes.

To make peanut sauce, put all the ingredients together and blend or grind well. Transfer the peanut liquid into a pan and cook with low heat and stir. The sauce is ready when you start seeing the oil coming out from the peanut sauce.

To serve, arrange siomay in a platter. Pour peanut sauce on top and add a few drop of lime juice, tomato ketchup, sweet soy sauce, and hot sauce.
Siomay Saus Kacang