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250 gr Long Grain Sweet RIce, Ketan putih

400 ml or 2 packs of KARA santan cair Murni
add with 100 ml water

Salt to taste

Banana leaves for wrapping

Oil spray

For the filling:

250 gr ground chicken

3 shallots (chopped)

3 garlic (chopped)

3 pcs. Kemiri, Naga Candle Nuts

1 tsp. ground coriander Various Spices Rotary Brand, 2.6 oz

Ĺ tsp. ground jintan

salt to taste

2 pcs salam leaves Daun Salam

1 pcs dry galangal Lengkuas, Wayang Dried Laos Root

250 ml KARA santan cair Murni

4 tbs. cooking oil


Clean rice and soak for one night. Throw away the soaking water and cook rice with coconut cream mixed with water until no more liquid. Steam the rice until it is fully cooked.

For filling: stir fry all onions, shallots, spices, galangal and salam leaves. Add in ground chicken cook until the color brown a little bit. Pour in coconut milk. Cook until everything mixed evenly and no more liquid in the pan.

Spray cake pan 8x8 inches with oil. Place the steamed sweet rice and flattened it down. Place the chicken filling on top of the rice and spread it evenly. Top it again with steamed rice and press it down good to make sure itís all solid.

Take the layer rice out from the pan and cut to your desire. Wrap with the clean banana leaves.