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Steamed Tapioca Layer Cake/Kue Pepe


350 gr tapioca flour

250 gr sugar

3 packs Kara coconut cream

200 cc water

tsp vanilli essence

tsp salt

Pandan paste or other food coloring

Cooking oil


Mix the coconut cream with the 200 cc of water

Take about 50 cc of the coconut milk and mix with 50 gr of tapioca flour

Simmer about 200 cc coconut milk until warm and stir in the sugar, set aside and cool down.

Mixed all the rest of tapioca flour, vanilli, and salt.

Stir into the mixture of coconut milk and tapioca flour while pouring in the rest of the coconut milk. Continue to stir until the completely mix.

Divide the mixture and add the food coloring according to your preference

Oil the pan 20x20 cm and heat it up in the steamer

Pour about cup of mixture and steam for about 5 minutes

Take another cup of mixture, different color, and steam again for 5 minutes.

Continue with this step until all mixture is finish.
Steamed Tapioca Layer Cake (Kue Pepe)