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Martabak Manis


2 Egg yolk

1 Egg

125 sugar

½ tsp salt

1 tbsp dry yeast

1 tsp baking powder

300 all purpose flour

400 cc warm milk




Chocolate sprinkles

Condensed milk

Grated Cheese

Chopped peanuts

Mix together flour, yeast, and baking powder, set aside.

Combine eggs, sugar and salt in a medium bowl and whip in a mixer with medium speed for about 5 minutes. Add the dry ingredients and warm milk into the egg mixture gradually. Continue to mix until there’s no more lump on the batter.

Set aside batter and let it rest for about 25-30 minutes. You should see the batter grows to almost double.

Coat a nonstick medium pan and coat it with cooking oil.

Depending on how big and how thick you want your martabak, pour the batter into the pan, usually between ½ to 1 cup of batter. Spread the batter to the side of the pan to create the crispy edge martabak signature. Cook the batter until bubbles form on the top. If you like it sweet sprinkles with additional sugar, lower down the heat and cover for about 2 minutes. Let the sugar melt on the martabak.

Take off the cover and brush the top of martabak with one tablespoon of butter.

When the martabak is cook, lift it up and put it on top of cutting board.

Top the martabak with toppings you wish to have on half of the side for easy handling. If you like savory type, top it with cheese and condensed milk. If you like it sweet and crunchy, top it with crushed peanuts, chocolate sprinkles, and condensed milk.

Fold the martabak and cut to serving pieces. Enjoy it while it's stil warm.
Martabak Manis