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Chicken Noodle (Mie Ayam)


1 pound skinless boneless chicken tights (if you donít mind some additional calories and fat, leave the skin on for extra flavor)

1 shallots (chopped)

3 cloves garlic (chopped)

1 tbs chinese cooking wine

5 ABC Sweet soy sauce (or to taste) ABC Kecap Manis, ABC Sweet Soy Sauce

salt and white pepper to taste

4 tbs water or chicken broth

1 pack of Mie atom (serve about 4 servings) Mie Telor Asli Cap Atoom Bulan, Egg Noodle (200 gr)

Water to boil the noodle

Bawang Goreng, Fried Onion

Fresh celery/cilantro leaves

3 tbs cooking oil for stir fry

1/4 cup of garlic oil (crushed garlic simmered in hot oil)


Cut chicken tights to cubes about 1x1 inches. Put in a bowl and mix in with a spinkle of salt and white pepper.

Heat oil in a pan/ wok. When the oil hot enough, stir in shallots until fragrant. Add on crushed garlic. Stir quickly. Before garlic turned too brown, add the chicken meat and stir.

When the meat is half cooked, add on Chinese cooking wine, sweet soy sauce, salt, and pepper and stir.

Add about 3-4 tbs of water or chicken broth. Cover the pan and turn to low heat and simmer the meat for about 15 minutes.

Meanwhile boil some water in the pot cook the noodles.

When the noodle is done, drain the water set it aside on a big bowl. Add the garlic oil, salt, pepper, and just a little bit of sugar. Mix well.

Arrange noddle in a bowl. Top with chicken and sprinkled with fried onion. You can add steamed bean sprout, bok choy or some green vegetables.
Chicken Noodle (Mie Ayam)