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Mie Kering, Instant Mie, Indomie, Sedap Mie
Kecap & Sambal
Cemilan, krupuk
Minuman, Susu Ultra, Teh Botol
Selai, Srikaya, Nutella, Blue band
Bumbu Masak, Tepung
Aneka Rupa, Agar2, Terasi
Kerupuk Mentah
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Customer's Review

“This is my first time to shop from and I was happy with their fast responsed, good product , customer service , and reliable. I will be a royal customer to them. Keep a good job!”-Sincerely, Siti,CA

“I must say that I'm very happy with the shipping time and the way you package the items. Very well done. I have no problems refering your store to my friends. Thank you."-Henry S. NC,

“A friend referred Indokiosk to me, and I immediately placed an order. Having moved from California to Kansas, the urge to find Indonesian food is rather huge, I must say :). I'm new to KS and I don't really know where to get specific Indonesian snacks (or even the indomies!). The staff was very nice and helpful, she shipped my order right away and I received it in the next 2 days or so. It was very well-packaged, and I was completely satisfied with the products. Well, to sum it up here goes: nice & reliable seller, good selection of Indonesian products, fast shipping, competitive price, and I totally LOVE the Singkong Balado! Would definitely buy from Indokiosk again.. keep up the good work!”-Irene. KS

“We really satisfied shopping at is our 2nd time shopping at .

  1. The price is good
  2. Quick shipping
  3. Great package
  4. Nice & great customer care ( if we want to askin question to them about their items)

we would like to shopping there again sometime”-Laksmi Harris. Kelso, WA

“Keep up the good work. I am quite happy with the service that you provided. One suggestion is, maybe in the future you would accept credit card for speedy delivery. Thanks.”- Tarti. VA

"Indokiosk is a great place to shop from. The service is amazingly speedy and prompt. From what I can see, the selection is wide-ranging and the products are authentic Indonesian food that I used to eat. Highly recommended for anyone who has never try before!" -Martin.T. CA

“ I've been in the US for only a year and a half, my favorite goods are still Indonesians and i don't think it'll ever be gone! The nearest Asian market in my area is about 20 minutes drive and my husband doesn't really like to go there for some reason. About 3 month ago, i heard about from another website. I took a look at it and thought that i might have to try to use the service so that i don't have to drag my husband for Asian grocery shopping to the place where he doesn't wanna go to. The price is very reasonable and they have various things that i couldn't even find at the Regular Asian Market, it really is 'Indokios' because i can find anything i want from my country. So i purchased things just to try the service, and it was very satisfacting me. I will definetely keep using as my Indonesian grocery shop from now on. It's very convenient, reasonable price, good quality items, and it's saving my time! just browse, contact the customer service, and just wait! it's that easy.” Sincerely-Igoe. MA

“Sudah terima paket dari Indokiosk 2 mingguan lalu, tapi baru sempet nulis hari ini. It was very well packaged (Thumbs up) , semua item dalam kondisi terutama Indomie, krupuk udang dan emping gak ada yg hancur, mengingat perjalanan yg lumayan jauh (dari California ke Maine), makan waktu sekitar seminggu, so I was very, very happy. Pasti akan pesan ke sana lagi kapan2.” -Eka. ME

“Hello, I have referred you to my freinds and let them know how great your company is. I have reveived my order today; thank you for bonus items you've added. I'm verry happy with your service and quick response and I without a doubt, will order from your company in the very near future. Thank you Indokiosk.” -Sri, LA

Customer's Review